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10 december 2009

[MOTU] 200x ScareGlow

For this figure I've taken a skeletor apart and made a lot of molds for all the parts. All castings were done with hotglue. The head came from some ghostrider figure.

LED's were added to try and recreate the 'glow', sadly it isn't really visible in the pictures. The last two pictures are with the LED's on. You could see a slight greenish tint when compared with the former pictures.

30 oktober 2009

Stormbringer Thunderwing

I've been at this thing for over a year now, and now that I'm unemployed I have a h*ll of a lot of time, and finally got around to it.

Base figure is without a doubt Energon Megatron.

21 oktober 2009

My Fortress Maximus has a head :)

Thanks to TFW2005.com member Cefuroxx I now have a head for my fortress maximus!
It is a recast of the original cerebros in his head-mode.
(click the pictures for larger view)

4 september 2009

[MOTU] Completed! King Grayskull's Lion

So I received a battlecat today and couldn't help myself..
After an hour of hot-glueing and about half an hour of painting, this is the end result:

26 augustus 2009

Dr Phil action figure!

WTF! There's actually an action figure of Dr Phil!!

No, it's not really a figure of the man himself.
The original figure is called 'donnagon' and is from the 'spy kids' line.
but isn't it a true likeness of mr. Mcgraw himself?

21 augustus 2009

Offtopic: 'pygmy jerboa's'.. Aaaaaawww how cute!!!

I just had to share this.. aren't these way too cute?? I say they're planning massive destruction and world domination!

but I do love them..

19 augustus 2009

He-man Digibashes for future projects

Baddrah & Tuvar
Baddrah will be made from: Two-bad & Beastman
Tuvar will be made from: Two-bad & He-man

King Greyskull's Lion
will be made from a battlecat and a whole lot of green-stuff.

17 augustus 2009

back home!

Man, was this the shortest week ever.. :(
but it was a good week nonetheless!

I've been acquiring kitbashes from other great customizers through DeviantArt, and in the upcoming weeks I'll be posting pictures of the things they've made. ofcourse with links to their own pages.

More to come shortly!

9 augustus 2009

Vacation! :)

a whole week filled with nothing :)

when the week is over I have two weeks left to finish my graduation project..
I'll manage ;)

as soon as the week is over I'll be posting kitbashes from DeviantArt members,
and I even found a new project to work on!

Have a nice week, see you soon.

7 augustus 2009

(GIJoe) Cobra Commander Update

So I've received Cobra Commander two days ago.
Finally I was able to create my own thoughts on the new CC..
Here are the results:

I'm not really content with the paintjob, but when the time comes, I'll do a repaint.
And I'm still not sure if I should paint the hoses or not.

5 augustus 2009

ROC Cobra Commander Digibash

Had this digibash lying around ever since I saw the new Cobra Commander.
I just had to make a few adjustments on the figure:

- black body armor, with silver lining.
- full silver mask, with eye parts cut out.
- hoses running from mask to armor front.
- maybe I'll make the inside of the coat black, don't know for sure yet..

- waiting for the figure to arrive -

4 augustus 2009

Quickstrike WIP Update 2

I just finished the first layer of painting :)

and after putting everything back together it looks quite nice already!

Quickstrike WIP Update 1

PrimeOne over at TFWorld 2005 has figured out who my new WIP will be.

It's BW Quickstrike fitted with a Optimal Optimus suit as seen in the BW episode "Master Blaster".

I've had the Optimal body for some time now, and had already taken it apart, but I got to say, it was hell getting all the screws loose.. the screwdrivers I have were either way too small or too big.

- pictures will follow this evening -

3 augustus 2009

Latest WIP, guess who!

here's a glympse of my newest WIP:

Guess who..

Old Customs I've made in the past.

Here are a few pictures of customs I've made in the past:

Click on a picture for more information

My first post.

after having this blog for some time now, I've finally come up with a theme to blog on.

My kitbashes, and those of others.