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23 maart 2010

[Gijoe] Rorshach, Silk Spectre & Spiderman in Final Costume



upper body - ROC Destro
lower body - ROC Storm Shadow
head - ROC Snake eyes
hat - Indy Jones

Silk Spectre:

whole - ROC Baroness

I cut off some of her hair, and gave her created bald spot new hair with green-stuff.


Body - ROC Storm Shadow
head - ROC Snake eyes

6 februari 2010

[OTHER] The Radical Squadron!

Thanks to my girlfriend I've been watching all episodes of the Swat Kats over again, and I just had to make updated versions of both T-bone and Razor.

So I found two X-men figures which were perfect for the bodies. added heads from some random skate-TMNT action figures, some green stuff and a lot of paint.

The figures still need some touching up, but I couldn't withhold this any longer.

Figure Recipes:

Body: Marvel X-men Beast
Head: TMNT Scootin' Leo

Body: Marvel X-men Wolverine
Head: TMNT Skatin'Raph

5 januari 2010

[TRANS] Autobot Battlecruiser Xantium

While reading Transformers:Stormbringer I got a great idea for a new kitbash.
In the 3rd issue there's a single shot of an autobot battlecruiser, which in my opinion looked a lot like the Japanese SkyGarry.

A few weeks ago I Found a KO SkyGarry at a local thrift shop, thus finally getting around to repainting it into the Xantium.

This is the Xantium from the comic:

Here is the result:


Treadshot A1 from TFW2005 made me realise it did need those BFG's on the front side. Here they are:

10 december 2009

[MOTU] 200x ScareGlow

For this figure I've taken a skeletor apart and made a lot of molds for all the parts. All castings were done with hotglue. The head came from some ghostrider figure.

LED's were added to try and recreate the 'glow', sadly it isn't really visible in the pictures. The last two pictures are with the LED's on. You could see a slight greenish tint when compared with the former pictures.

30 oktober 2009

Stormbringer Thunderwing

I've been at this thing for over a year now, and now that I'm unemployed I have a h*ll of a lot of time, and finally got around to it.

Base figure is without a doubt Energon Megatron.