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23 maart 2010

[Gijoe] Rorshach, Silk Spectre & Spiderman in Final Costume



upper body - ROC Destro
lower body - ROC Storm Shadow
head - ROC Snake eyes
hat - Indy Jones

Silk Spectre:

whole - ROC Baroness

I cut off some of her hair, and gave her created bald spot new hair with green-stuff.


Body - ROC Storm Shadow
head - ROC Snake eyes

6 februari 2010

[OTHER] The Radical Squadron!

Thanks to my girlfriend I've been watching all episodes of the Swat Kats over again, and I just had to make updated versions of both T-bone and Razor.

So I found two X-men figures which were perfect for the bodies. added heads from some random skate-TMNT action figures, some green stuff and a lot of paint.

The figures still need some touching up, but I couldn't withhold this any longer.

Figure Recipes:

Body: Marvel X-men Beast
Head: TMNT Scootin' Leo

Body: Marvel X-men Wolverine
Head: TMNT Skatin'Raph

5 januari 2010

[TRANS] Autobot Battlecruiser Xantium

While reading Transformers:Stormbringer I got a great idea for a new kitbash.
In the 3rd issue there's a single shot of an autobot battlecruiser, which in my opinion looked a lot like the Japanese SkyGarry.

A few weeks ago I Found a KO SkyGarry at a local thrift shop, thus finally getting around to repainting it into the Xantium.

This is the Xantium from the comic:

Here is the result:


Treadshot A1 from TFW2005 made me realise it did need those BFG's on the front side. Here they are: